Hello Beechwood,

Please excuse this late message, I am afraid I have been distracted by this hurricane/weather down south… I have relatives in Puerto Rico and Florida and my future in-laws are in Ft. Lauderdale… so nerve wracking!! I pray that if you have relatives down south (Houston as well)  that they stay safe and receive the help that they may need… and if we are threatened by the hurricanes churning down there, that you take every precaution necessary to stay safe!

One resource that I use is Next Door Beechmont. You can locate it on Facebook or online, and it’s easy to get signed in to our  message board for our neighborhood… that way we can stay connected to neighbors close and not so close by. I highly recommend it, city officials are connected and important announcements come through there as well.

And now for our final announcements for summer 2017:

Dog Swim Party @ 4pm this Saturday, Sept. 9

(Please enter leashed, and please all shots up to date)

Bring your pooches to the pool and let’s see if they love the pool as much as we do! This is a really fun and unique activity… even if you do not have a dog, it’s fun to observe!

And finally, please be ready to help us stack all of our pool deck chairs and lounges for storage under our snack shack area. We really appreciate all of the members here at the Beechwood Recreation Association, it is all of you who make this association the best in the city.

We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday!!

Jeanette Richardson