The daffodils are ready to bloom and that means that summer is right around the corner! The Clubhouse has had a great off-season with an increase in rentals and we are looking forward to a great summer at Beechwood Pool! The first board meeting of 2020 has concluded and we have established new rates for the upcoming season with consideration of our operating costs.  A tremendous amount of time and work is necessary to open the pool and maintain the property year-round.  Our organization receives no funds from any HOA or community organization and is completely funded by membership fees and rental of the clubhouse.  The Board is comprised of volunteers and receive no compensation or profits. Our rates have remained the same as the last several years, but with an addition of a maintenance fee. This fee may be waived in exchange for approved volunteer hours as indicated. 

Standard Family: $350 (+$25 Maintenance fee or 10 hours volunteer)
Military, First Responder, or Law Enforcement: $330 (+$25 Maintenance fee or 10 hours volunteer)
2 Person Household: $300 (+$10 Maintenance fee or 5 hours volunteer)
Single: $200 (+$10 Maintenance fee or 5 hours volunteer)
Senior Citizens and Grandparents with Grandchildren: $320: (No addition maintenance fee, or volunteer hours required, but they are certainly welcomed)

Payment Plans
Members may now establish a payment plan of three or less payments, to be completed by 23 May 2020. Contact to set up payments.

Barter Contracts
BRA will also be offering membership in exchange for regular maintenance. Anyone who is interested in bartering skilled labor in exchange for membership is encouraged to complete a Barter Contract Application for review and approval by the board. These positions include but are not limited to Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Treasurer, and Groundskeeper. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Amy Lydic for more information.

All returning members must complete a 2020 Membership Application and Rules Acknowledgement Form to update our records.  We’re always available to answer questions and look forward to seeing you throughout the swim season!