Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines

Make sure you drive by and see how clean and beautiful the pool is this year. The Management Team at BRA has worked diligently with our dedicated members this season to open Beechwood Pool. Thank you everyone who has fulfilled their volunteer hours and helped out in numerous ways to make this weekend happen. Everything looks fantastic! We are fully staffed. We have passed inspection with the Health Department and have an excellent plan in place to keep your family safe in a fun and welcoming environment in 2020.

There are a few things you can expect to be a little different from past seasons. We can all appreciate that COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our lives this season, but I think we could all use some fun this year at the pool!

We have been monitoring CDC and local authority guidelines since the onset of COVID-19. As always at Beechwood, SAFETY is our top priority. Here are some changes you can expect this year:

  1. Hand sanitizing station at entrance and Snack Shack.
  2. Increased sanitation time
  3. Lifeguard breaks for 20 minutes every hour of operation.
  4. Lane Lines
  5. Separation of Clean Seating. We have implemented a process for signing in/out pool chairs. Disinfectant solution and clean rags will be provided at the Chair Corral. Just clean it and put it back. Or kindly bring your own beach chair.
  6. Social Distancing – Per Phase 2 Guidelines, look for the Shiny Silver Shark Fins for suggested distance.
  7. Baby Pool is not currently open.
  8. No pool toys or noodles will be provided. It’s BYOT (Bring your own toys, masks, goggles, noodles, personal flotation devices. The lifeguards need to be able to see the bottom of the pool, so no opaque or large floats.
  9. Increased signage.
  10. Must shower prior to entry into pool.
  11. Shoes required in restrooms at all times.
  12. Please do not wear a mask in the pool.

Important Dates:

Saturday June 13th, 2020 – Pool Opens at 11:00 a.m We are updating our database. Everyone must complete a 2020 membership application. Come on by in the morning and get your paperwork completed and membership paid. That will give us time to answer any of your questions. Sign up for Swim Team

Monday, June 15th, 2020 – 9:00 a.m. Beechwood Sharks Swim Team’s Coach Deb is hosting New Swim Team Member Try Outs. Paid Membership Required in addition to swim team dues. Returning swimmers do NOT need to try out.

Don’t forget to ask about The Bee Byway!

We are looking forward to this Summer at Beechwood!

Amy Lydic
Amelia Avila
Deborah Levine
Claire Drummond
Bonnie Tobias
Kymberly Cardullo
Kelly Sheldon
Susan Macias
JoAnne Roberts

Beechwood 2020!
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Volunteer Opportunities

We are gearing up to get the pool ready for opening in June. These will be great opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hours. Use the Signup Genius link below to choose a date and time when you will volunteer to help out.

Saturday, May 16th, 10 am to 2 pm, we need volunteers to help paint the pump house, pressure wash the gate house, clean out the snack shack and office, clean the bathrooms, remove vines from the fence lines and weed whack around the perimeter. 

Friday, May 22nd, after 1 pm, and Saturday May 23rd, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. we will begin the process of draining and mucking the pool.

On both Saturdays, some will arrive as early as 8 am, if that works better for your family. 

Please bring cleaning supplies, lawn equipment, work gloves, and pruning shears.

Social distancing will be observed.

Sign Up!

Upcoming Season

The daffodils are ready to bloom and that means that summer is right around the corner! The Clubhouse has had a great off-season with an increase in rentals and we are looking forward to a great summer at Beechwood Pool! The first board meeting of 2020 has concluded and we have established new rates for the upcoming season with consideration of our operating costs.  A tremendous amount of time and work is necessary to open the pool and maintain the property year-round.  Our organization receives no funds from any HOA or community organization and is completely funded by membership fees and rental of the clubhouse.  The Board is comprised of volunteers and receive no compensation or profits. Our rates have remained the same as the last several years, but with an addition of a maintenance fee. This fee may be waived in exchange for approved volunteer hours as indicated. 

Standard Family: $350 (+$25 Maintenance fee or 10 hours volunteer)
Military, First Responder, or Law Enforcement: $330 (+$25 Maintenance fee or 10 hours volunteer)
2 Person Household: $300 (+$10 Maintenance fee or 5 hours volunteer)
Single: $200 (+$10 Maintenance fee or 5 hours volunteer)
Senior Citizens and Grandparents with Grandchildren: $320: (No addition maintenance fee, or volunteer hours required, but they are certainly welcomed)

Payment Plans
Members may now establish a payment plan of three or less payments, to be completed by 23 May 2020. Contact to set up payments.

Barter Contracts
BRA will also be offering membership in exchange for regular maintenance. Anyone who is interested in bartering skilled labor in exchange for membership is encouraged to complete a Barter Contract Application for review and approval by the board. These positions include but are not limited to Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Treasurer, and Groundskeeper. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Amy Lydic for more information.

All returning members must complete a 2020 Membership Application and Rules Acknowledgement Form to update our records.  We’re always available to answer questions and look forward to seeing you throughout the swim season!
Meet the Board

Meet the Board

L to R, Co-Secretary, Bonnie Tobias; Treasurer, Kim Lunsford; President, Amy Lydic; JoAnn Roberts; Vice President and Web Administrator, Amelia Avila; Safety Advisor and Swim Team Coach, Deb Levine; Co-Secretary, Claire Drummond; Clubhouse Manager and Event Planner, Kelly Sheldon. Not pictured: Marketing Director, Susan Macias.

Early Bird Rates

We are now accepting payments for 2020 Memberships! You may download and complete the membership form, and mail with your payment to:

Beechwood Recreation Association
P.O. Box 2096
Newport News, VA 23609

 Alternatively, you may pay online (please include your payment receipt when you mail in the application form).