The Beechwood Recreation Association is currently accepting applications for the 2020 summer swim season. Positions available for the summer are lifeguards, gate guards, and concessions. 

Download the Employment Application for all of the following positions. Submit with signed job description, available at the links below. Minimum requirements for each job are:


16 years of age by Memorial Day, current American Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR certification. Lifeguards do not have to be BRA members, but BRA member applicants will be given priority when hiring.
Download and sign job description for Lifeguard Positions and submit with application.

Gate Guard: 

Minimum requirements: 21 years of age, Beechwood Recreation Association member, current CPR certification, Food Handler’s certification
Download and sign job description for Gate Guard Positions and submit with application.

Concession Worker: 

Beechwood Recreation Association member, 14 years of age, *valid work permit, current Food Handler’s certification
Download and sign the job description for Concession Workers and submit with your application.

*Work permits are only needed for workers who have not yet reached their 16th birthday by the time the job will start.


To apply, please download the application and job description for the position you wish to apply for. Complete the employment application, read and sign corresponding job description, and send them to:

Beechwood Recreation Association
PO Box 2096
Newport News, VA 23609

We look forward to seeing you at the pool this summer!!