Pool Rules

The pool rules have been updated. You may read them below. Please download a copy of the rules, sign and date it, and have your children sign that they have read and understand the pool rules.


These rules are for the protection and benefit of all persons using the Beechwood Recreation Pool. They have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities.

Adults are expected to set a proper example and caution their children regarding safety measures and insist they obey the instructions of pool employees.


  • The gate staff and lifeguards have complete authority and each person who uses the pool or other facilities shall abide by his/her instructions. The lifeguards are required to document and report any infringement and/or violation of these rules to the Personnel Manager.
  • If, in the opinion of the gate staff/lifeguard, a person is acting in such a manner as to endanger himself or disturb any other person’s reasonable enjoyment of the pool, said person may be asked to leave the premises and the manager will be notified.
  • No employee may be reprimanded by a member or their guests. If the issue cannot be resolved by the on-duty staff or the manager, a complaint may be submitted in writing to the Association
    Board of Directors.
  • Failure to comply with pool rules or respect pool property/employees may be grounds for suspension of pool privileges for a period of time determined by the BRA Board.


Children under the age of 16 must clear the pool at designated break each hour for 15 minutes. Children MUST stay clear of the water and behind the white coping stones, including feet/hands. Non-swimmers under three years of age may be in the pool with a parent. Parent must maintain physical contact with the child at all times.

Inclement Weather

The pool will close during storms and re-open at the discretion of the management. Pools and decks must be cleared immediately during thunder/lightning. Pool area is closed for for a period of thirty minutes for thunder and/or lighting. The closure period starts over at each new thunder roll or flash.


Membership and emergency information will be kept at the gate. This information is for the use of the gate staff only. Please wait at the gate to be checked in by the gate staff.

Pool Telephone

The pool phone is for children to arrange to be picked up or to check in, for incoming calls, or for emergencies only.

Picture Taking

No picture taking or posting on any forms of social media without individuals permission. If member is under the age of 16, must have permission from their guardian/parent.

Closing Hours

The last whistle of the day, we ask that all members including adults exit the pool. We ask that all non- staff members leave the pool premises in a timely manner. The (Members waiting for a ride are permitted to stay in the Gate area) This allows the employees to quickly finish the pool closings duties effectively and permitting the employees to go home quickly as well.

Late Nights

On any late night (8 pm-10 pm) anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian/parent. This person will take responsibility for the behavior and transportation back home. If you are under 18 you must tell the working gate guard who your guardian is. If the guardian is not a parent the guardian must tell the gate guard.


All guests must enter with a responsible member. Guests must leave with the responsible member. The member is responsible for their child’s guests. A youth member under 16 years of age bringing a guest MUST have written or verbal permission from the member parent to bring a guest. The GUEST must have written permission from his/her parent listing an emergency phone number. Written permission MUST include the name of the guest. The member parent may call the pool (874-4634) and give permission.

Guest Fees:

  • 5 and over–$5
  • 4 and under–$3
  • Infants in arms–free


Refreshments may be purchased at the concession stand. Concessions may not be able to accept bills over $10. Members may establish an account at the concession stand to avoid carrying money at the pool. Food/beverages may be brought to the pool in non-breakable containers. No glass or alcohol is permitted. Neither the concession nor the gate may refrigerate guest’s items. Food/beverages are not allowed within 3 feet of pool/wading pool. No laying or sitting on top of tables. Trash should be disposed of properly. Staff can increase break time if trash is not picked up.

Member Responsibilities

Adults are responsible for their children. All persons using the association facilities do so at their own risk. Members should exercise good common sense and insist that their children follow all pool rules and instructions of pool staff.

The association is not responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use, nor will it be responsible for loss of money or other property.

It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep bathrooms and other areas clean. Any damage to association property can be charged to the responsible family.

Members should not impede pool operations by loitering at the gate, engaging lifeguards in conversation, or distracting the concession workers at the snack bar.

The use of abusive language, profanity, offensive behavior, and/or disregard/disrespect for staff/members will not be tolerated from anyone. Behaving in this manner is grounds for immediate removal and consideration for a suspension of membership.

Youth Unaccompanied by an Adult

To enter the pool area a youth (under 18) must be with an adult or meet the following criteria:

  • Have family info and emergency form signed and on file at the gate.
  • Be twelve years old OR
  • Be nine years old and have passed the swim test

Member children 12 years and older may be responsible for younger siblings as long as the younger child has passed the swim test.

No one under 12 who has not passed the swim test will be allowed at the pool without an adult (18 years or older).

Swim Test

Swim test consists of swimming one length of the pool and treading water in the well for 2 minutes. The test must be supervised by lifeguard and recorded by gate staff.

Tennis Courts

  • A youth under 12 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 12 years or older.
  • Must wear shoes at all time.
  • Tennis rackets, basket balls, etc. must be provided by the member. The association is not responsible for any accident or injury relating to the use of the tennis courts, nor will it be responsible for loss or damage to the members property.
  • No skate boarding

Health and Safety Rules

  • All persons must shower before entering the water.
  • Swimmers must be clothed in appropriate swimwear.
  • No children over the age of 6 are to be in the wading pool. Any child in the wading area MUST be attended by a person over the age of 12.
  • Children of any age not potty-trained MUST wear swim diapers. These are available for purchase at concessions.
  • Admission may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, open sores, inflamed eyes or wearing bandages.
  • Skateboards need to be left at the front gate.
  • No one other than a working lifeguard will be permitted to wear lifeguard attire.
  • The use of recreational equipment such as swim fins, masks, floats, balls, noodles etc will be permitted at the discretion of the staff.
  • No slapping of pool noodles in or around the pool, including other members or guests
  • NO glass containers, alcohol, chewing gum, or weapons.
  • NO running, pushing, wrestling, hard ball throwing, sitting on shoulders, or any other activity deemed unsafe in or
    around the pool area. Fighting is cause for immediate removal from property.
  • NO hanging on the diving blocks. It can loosen the bolts.
  • NO pets allowed within pool premises.
  • NO littering or spitting.
  • Smoking is allowed for persons 18 and over, only at the designated smoking area.

Diving Board and the Well

  • All youth under the age of 16 MUST pass the swim test to use the diving board or swim in the ’well’.
  • Only one person on the board at a time.
  • Board weight limit is 250 pounds
  • The water below and in front of the board must be kept clear when the board is in use.
  • NO hanging on the board.
  • NO dancing, playing, etc.
  • Diving must be from the end of the board in a forward motion.
  • Dives that the staff deem are bringing you too close to the board will not be permitted.
  • No running dives. 3 steps or from the line indicated is the limit.l
  • No members are allowed to adjust the board tension.
  • Swim goggles may be worn when using the diving board. Swim masks, tubes, noodles, water wings, scuba flippers,
    safety vests, etc., may not be used on the diving board.
  • NO type of flotation device (water wings, tubes, rafts, noodles. etc.) may be used in the ‘well’.
  • Lifeguards will regulate when and for how long the board may be ‘closed’ for games in the well.

Please download and print a copy of the above pool rules, sign and date the form, and have your children sign that they have read and understand the pool rules. Please turn in to front gate. If you don’t have a printer, you may get a copy at the gate.