Sharks Swim Team

2022 Season Data Sheet 

JUNE 1, 2022, TRY out and MEET THE COACH NIGHT! Come out at 5 pm and be ready to swim! We will be holding time trials and assessing each swimmer for placement in practice groups. We will also be taking T-shirt orders, so come on out!


*AFTER-SCHOOL PRACTICES ARE ON JUNE 6-9 and 13-16. Practice groups will be determined after try-outs and will be subject to change. Practices will start at 5pm-5:30 for the youngest group, the middle group will be from 5:30-6:10 and the older groups will be 6:10pm-7pm.
*JUNE 20, 2022 First day of morning practice. (Groups swim in reverse order of afternoon practices.) We will meet Monday through Friday at 8:45-9:45 for the older kids, 9:45-10:30 (middle group) and 10:30-11:00 am for our younger swimmers. There is NO practice on JULY 4th or 5th. Practice dates are subject to cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Information will be posted on our Facebook group page, BEECHWOOD SHARKS 2022
*JULY 19th is the last day of practice for swimmers not attending City meet, however they are still welcome to swim the following week if they choose, but it’s not required. IF WE HAVE A MAKE-UP meet on July 21, then the last day of practice would actually be July 22.

**THE GPSA Code of Conduct, Full Meet Schedule, and Rule Book are available at GPSASWIMMING.ORG
*Regular season meets start at 6pm. Please arrive by 4:15pm on HOME meet days, and 5:00 on AWAY meets for warm-ups and pre-meet procedures. If needed earlier, Coach Deb will let you know. FOR HOME MEETS, WE NEED AS MANY HANDS ON DECK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO SET THINGS UP AND PREPARE FOR THE MEET.

JUNE 21(Tue) HOME MEET v. Wendwood
JUNE 23 (Th) AWAY MEET @ Elizabeth Lakes 340 Ambler Ct. Hampton
JUNE 27 (M) HOME MEET v. Glendale
JULY 7 (Th), make-up date based on team schedules/needs
JULY 11 (M) AWAY MEET @ Riverdale 810 Charlton Dr. Hampton
JULY 14 (Th) AWAY MEET @ Beaconsdale 18 Ferguson Ln NN
JULY 18 (M) HOME MEET v. Northampton
JULY 21 (Th) make-up date based on team schedules/needs

*JULY 30 CITY MEET@ NORTHAMPTON (only qualified swimmers attend)
*Date/Time is subject to change

It is recommended that each swimmer bring 2 pairs of goggles to practice. One mirrored pair for sunny practice days, the other should be clear or tinted for cloudy days. SUNSCREEN AND DRINKING WATER IS MANDATORY for ALL swimmers. No sunscreen = No swim.
Swim caps are required for swimmers with hair that covers their eyes when wet. ALL swimmers wear caps for meets!!
Please remember that our events are only as successful as the volunteers we have. Parent volunteers will be expected to sign BEFORE each meet for various positions. Don’t sit back and expect others to fill positions. If parents are not volunteering, Coach Deb will assign positions if there are still vacancies. Remember…it takes a village. Lastly, it is Parent Responsibility to check the entrance white board EVERY DAY for changes. Info will always be posted ahead of time.

2022 Meet Schedule

Home or Away Team
Tues. June 21st



Thurs. June 23


Elizabeth Lakes

Mon. June 27



Thurs. July 7 Make Up Date Make Up Date
Mon. July 11



Thurs. July 14



Mon. July 18



Thurs. July 21 Make Up Date Make Up Date
Thurs. July 30 CITY MEET North Hampton

About the Beechwood Sharks

The Beechwood Recreation Association sponsors the Beechwood Sharks Swim Team. Our objective is to foster competitive summer swimming in a safe and fun atmosphere. Children do not need to be “expert” swimmers to belong to the Sharks but they do need to be able to swim. The swim team does not provide basic swimming instruction. Team membership is open to children up to the age of 18 whose families are members in good standing of the Association. Every member of the team will have the opportunity to swim in the meets. The Sharks compete in the Greater Peninsula Swimming Association (GPSA) and swim meets are conducted under GPSA rules. Our competition schedule is enclosed. The season will conclude with a Team Awards Banquet.

Awards and Honors

  • Meet ribbons may be won at each meet.
  • Each child who qualifies for the GPSA Championship Meet (the “City Meet”) will receive a special swim cap from the team at no charge.
  • Every participating child will receive an award at the Team Awards Banquet.


Swimsuits are available from the Swim and Sport Stop on Warwick Boulevard. Swim team members may also wear solid black suits. Appropriate suits may be obtained from other sources. Boys seem to prefer the jammer style suit over the traditional briefs. Goggles and swim caps are not required but are advised. All registered swimmers will be given a Beechwood Sharks swim cap at the first meet. Swimmers who choose to wear a swim cap at meets are strongly encouraged to support their team by wearing their Beechwood Sharks swim cap. Team apparel (e.g. T-shirts and shorts) will also be sold.

Parent Participation

We encourage, invite, and welcome the participation of team parents in all team activities. All parents are expected to assist in running our swim meets. Runners, timers, lane judges, sweep judges, scorekeepers, ribbon writers, stroke and turn judges, starters, and referees are required. Additional opportunities are available in hospitality, concessions and end of season banquet. Please sign up on the volunteer sheet at the Parent’s meeting or see our GPSA representative or any Committee member. If you are interested in serving on the Swim Team Committee, please contact any Committee member. Everyone is invited and welcomed.

Swim meets will normally start at 6:00 PM.
Warm-ups will typically be at 5:00 PM for the home team and 5:30 PM for the visiting team.

Beechwood Sharks